Alleged dogfighting ring found in D.C.

The Metropolitan Police Department and the Washington Humane Society raided a house Thursday afternoon for an alleged dogfighting ring.

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pitbull from raid in D.C.
One of 7 pitbulls taken from a Southeast D.C. home Aug. 19. (Photo: ABC 7 News)

It happened around 6 p.m. at 4620 6th St SE.

Metropolitan Police officers carrying high powered assault rifles stormed in and raided the home late Thursday afternoon. Inside, they found seven pit bulls, some of them were just puppies, along with what authorities with the Washington Humane Society describe as materials and items commonly used for dog fighting.

"Very disgusting... Breeding dogs, it's just crazy," remarked neighbor Ben Bacchus.

Police even confiscated a computer hard drive containing possible evidence linking what could potentially have been a high level illegal dog fighting ring.

The Washington Humane Society's Scott Giacoppo said, "Where they are breeding the dogs, going to events on the weekends... Financial incentive to take part in these activities."

One woman, the owner of the house, paced around the neighborhood doing her best to avoid our camera while investigators combed through the inside and the backyard of the home and collected evidence.

"Walk the other way, sir, thank you," she said.

The property is surrounded by high tech surveillance cameras and neighbors say they have complained to the owners about putting up a fence in the backyard.

Neighbor Amelia Kirkland told us, "We neighbors complain that he let them run in the yard... Never seen no dog fight."

Neighbor Thomasina Kirkland said, "When I've come in the yard, I hear them bark.. I don't know what his purpose for them is."

The pit bulls are going to be evaluated by a veterinarian and treated for injuries they have Thursday night. We're told the animals are friendly, which is consistent with fighting dogs.

"Fighting dogs are bred to have no human aggression...while they are in the ring fighting, people have to go in and handle them," said Giacoppo.

Even though pits are legal in D.C. it is illegal to breed them for fighting. We're told it's actually a felony.

A couple and their four children have lived in the home about 10 years. Police say no arrests have been made yet and that it is still early in the investigation.

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