First veteran fitted with new prosthetic knee

new prosthetic knee for veterans
John Loosen is the first veteran to be fit with a new prosthetic knee called the X2. (Photo: ABC 7 News)

A new type of prosthetic is helping wounded warriors return to active duty. This new kind of prosthetic knee is less painful and was designed so people could actually run on it. It's also helped many service members return to active duty after getting injured.


We spoke with one veteran who received the new device. John Loosen used to run track and lost his leg during a mortar attack while serving in Vietnam. Now, the retired soldier is the first veteran to be fit with a new prosthetic knee.

"My goal is to walk better with less effort," shared Loosen.

The prosthetic knee is called the X2. It's controlled by a microprocessor with up to four days of battery life. The X2 allows Loosen to do more with his leg than he could do before, such as walking downhill and feeling more stable.

Director of Orthotic & Prosthetic Services Dr. Joseph Miller explained, "With this particular knee, he can walk up and down stairs, foot over foot. He couldn't do that before."

Loosen received the leg Monday at Walter Reed Army Medical Center beside other active duty military who are going through the same loss right now.

"I said, 'you have your whole life ahead of you. Just because you lost your limb, it's not the end. You have, you know, many opportunities,'" said Loosen.

When Loosen returns to New Jersey, he's looking forward to improving his golf game.

He told us, "Hopefully, I can break 90: that's my goal."

Loosen spends a lot of this time now helping other disabled veterans through the Wounded Warrior Project.

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