Gray refuses to cede go-go vote to Fenty

Who has more street cred, Adrian Fenty or Vince Gray?


Long story short

Mayoral candidates will have least four go-go events this weekend.



“Fenty, of course,” says Anwan “Big G” Glover, the actor and go-go artist who has been helping promote Hizzoner’s reelection campaign through a series of events in the District this summer.

Not so fast, Big G! It seems Gray, the D.C. Council chairman and Fenty’s main challenger in the upcoming mayoral primary, is ready to court the go-go vote himself.

Go-go band TCB appeared at an event for Gray this weekend in Langdon Park, off of Rhode Island Avenue in Northeast. No big deal, says TCB co-manager Darrin X.  “[Gray]’s trying to, I guess in the politically correct way to say it, show he’s hip,” says X. “I think they contacted us because, for a lot of youth in D.C., we’re like the preferred band.”

TCB wasn’t trying to take sides in the heated primary, X says. After the group left the Gray event, they traveled to Southeast’s Oxon Run Park to play at a Fenty event and ran into “a little controversy,” as X puts it.

“So, after we performed in Langdon Park, we left around 7 to go to the Southeast side to perform for Mayor Fenty. I guess his camp was upset that we were performing at the Gray situation,” X says. “Ron Moten was the one who voiced his opinion. But, like I told him, we’re trying to be as neutral as possible.

“We’re not political,” X continues. "We’re a band, and [the Gray event] was a good look for us. If you want us to come, we’ll come and perform.”

Fenty has targeted the go-go community this summer. He danced on stage at an event in June and his campaign has distributed go-go-themed handbills and concert badges that promote his “facts not fiction” message.

Moten, the Peaceoholics co-founder who has been an outspoken supporter of Fenty, says the mayor has an official go-go event this weekend and is expected to make appearances at two other shows the same day.

“He's going to have his people canvassing and people like me in all three events,” Moten says.

Darrin X believes TCB is playing another Gray event this weekend, but the band’s scheduler has yet to confirm. Moten also said that he thought Gray’s Ward 8  rally on Saturday would feature go-go acts, however specifics of the event remain hazy. When contacted by TBD, campaign spokeswoman Traci Hughes said it was her "understanding that it’s not a campaign event," but that she would check on the details.

“When you know something's working, you've got to try it,” Moten says.

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