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Since before TBD even launched, we’ve been keeping an eye on all of the tweets and blog posts out there talking about WMATA’s station issues. From out-of-order escalators to busted SmarTrip readers and slow gates (We're looking at you Foggy Bottom), Metro riders are quick to share when something’s amiss with WMATA.

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Long story short

Report your Metro problems on this new crowd map we're trying out.


TBD wants to harness those reports and complaints. Not only will this make it easier to see where all of the outages are, it can also help us hold WMATA accountable for resolving these issues as they arise.

We’ve put together a map (using the new service Crowdmap) that is powered by reports from you — the Metro riders — on the problems you encounter on your daily commute. Use this map to report that escalator that’s been out since February, the flooded station platform or the parking lot gate that refuses to open — whatever happens to be standing in the way of you getting from Point A to Point B.

You have three ways to report to the map:

1. Directly submitting a report to the map.
2. Tweeting an alert with hashtag #tbdwmata
3. E-mailing an alert to

All we ask is that you tell us the station and the specific problem. You have the option to add more info, including photos, videos and links if you think they’ll help.

We’ll use the map to track outages and WMATA’s progress. You can use the map to see what kind of problems you might be in store for when you’re traveling the system. If you happen to see an outage report that isn’t correct or has been resolved, leave a comment on the report or contact us to have it removed.

WMATA’s got a lot of stations and trains, and it’s only with your help we’ll be able to pull all the reported problems to one place and see the real scope of what’s going on out there.

Thanks for experimenting with us.

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