1st Md. conviction for man determined Silver Spring serial rapist



Worrell lived in the Washington, D.C. area from the late 1970s to the early 1990s.

In 2008, Worrell plead guilty to two knife-point assaults in Parisippany and Morris Township, NJ  that happened in 1993. He did so while on the run for a similar charge in New York from 1973. 

Authorities found Worrell in Georgia in 2004 after he tried to buy a shotgun and a mandatory check turned up warrants in New York City for rapes in the 1970s.

A DNA sample in the New York case was matched to the samples taken from the Morris County crime scenes. Worrell admitted he entered the apartments to rob them and stole $200 from a Morris County apartment.

DNA evidence also linked Worrell to 21 unsolved assaults in Montgomery County, Md. for a series of rapes in the 1980s and 1990s. He was charged with nine of 21 of the assaults in a 2006 warrant.

The 1974 trial for the 1973 rape of a Manhattan woman ended with a hung jury and Worrell jumped bail.

The arrest 30 years later in Georgia led to a second trial in 2005. He was convicted and sentenced to a 30-year term at Attica state prison.

Worrell was not eligible for parole until 2024. Under the terms of a plea agreement, the 20-year sentences for the rapes would run concurrently while the five years for the robbery would be added onto that.


A jury found Fletcher Anderson Worrell guilty of Rape in the First Degree,  says State's Attorney for Montgomery County John J. McCarthy.

Worrell's sentencing hearing is scheduled for Oct. 15. Worrell will face a sentence of life in prison.

According to the state's attorney, Worrell was recently determined to be the rapist who terrorized Silver Spring between 1986 and1991. Authorities say there may be as many as 20 victims from that time period, but this is Worrell's first conviction in Montgomery County.

Worrell also has been convicted in New York and New Jersey for sexual offenses.

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