D.C. GOP quietly backs Adrian Fenty as Republican write-in candidate for mayor

Some D.C. Republicans have a not-so-secret plan to give Mayor Adrian Fenty another shot at staying in office should he lose the Democratic mayoral primary to Council Chairman Vincent Gray.

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Long story short

Some D.C. GOP members have a plan to keep Fenty in office, even if he loses to Gray.


ABC 7's Stephen Tschida reports a very active group of Republicans worked quietly to get fellow party members to go to the polls Tuesday, even though the GOP did not run a candidate for mayor. The Republicans were encouraged to write in Fenty — a Democrat — as the GOP's mayoral nominee.

"I voted for Mr. Fenty by writing his name in," Tom Melady, a lifetime member of the GOP, told ABC 7 News.

Republicans hope if Fenty wins the GOP primary — and loses the Democratic one, as some polls have predicted — he would accept the GOP nomination, and run in the November general election.

"I've heard a lot of Republicans are, and they are all backing him and supporting him," said Rennee Mosley, a GOP voter. "I hope that he accepts the nomination."

According to D.C. GOP, Fenty could legally accept the Republican nomination. He would have three days to make a decision, according to the Board of Elections and Ethics.

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