Discovery Channel hostages tell Oprah their story

Oprah's exclusive interview with the Discovery hostages is getting a lot of attention. Two of the hostages recounted the story about how gunman James Lee held them against their will and how they were able to escape.


discovery channel hostages on Oprah
Discovery Channel hostages Jim McNulty and Chris Wood speak with Oprah. The episode aired Thursday.

"On the ground...on the ground...," said Jim McNulty.

Those were the first words that Discovery employee Jim McNulty heard from a man who would hold him hostage for hours.

McNulty shared, "I just started praying Hail Mary after Hail Mary."

McNulty and his colleague Chris Wood talked candidly with Oprah Winfrey about the harrowing ordeal of being held at gunpoint at Discovery's Silver Spring headquarters on Sept. 1.

Wood told Oprah Thursday how he walked into the building just moments after his friend and co-worker was taken captive.

"And then I looked up to the left that's as I was coming in the front door and the gunman was wielding the gun at me saying...'get to the floor,'" stated Wood.

The gunman was James J. Lee, a long-time vocal critic of the Discovery Channel. As the two men and a security guard were being held against their will, Lee ranted about his anti-population growth beliefs.

As Woods and McNulty were being held, they tried to figure out ways to escape.

Wood told Oprah, "As I was laying on the floor I said, 'I am not ready to die. This is not the way I am going to die.'"

Finally, they made a run for it.

"That instant where we counted down and Jim looked at me and I looked at him and the gunman looked down I just ran the fastest I've ever run," said Wood.

Discovery colleague John Rose says the two men and the guard were brave.

"I think to be in a position to speak about it so well shortly after I think it was a traumatic experience so I commend them," said Rose.

The third hostage, the security guard, opted not to appear on Oprah. As for Wood and McNulty, they have yet to return to their jobs at Discovery.

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