Fenty team keeping up the green

Adrian Fenty's campaign might be done, but his trademark green signs might not disappear for a few months.


(Photo: Jay Westcott)

The mayor endorsed Gray at a Democratic unity breakfast earlier today, and yesterday said he didn't see much of a future for himself in electoral politics. But his campaign sent an e-mail to Ward 3 supporters asking them to keep up their Fenty yard signs.

This looks more like a pick-me-up message than the beginning of a stealth campaign — Fenty would have to be a write-in if he ran as an independent, and it's not clear if the mayor, as expected, won the Republican nomination. (A call to the Board of Elections and Ethics hasn't been returned.)

If Fenty did try to run at this point, it would be one of the strangest episodes in the long, strange history of D.C. politics.

Here's the e-mail, which was sent to supporters by Ward 3 coordinator Andrew del Junco:

To all our loyal supporters,

Although your faith may have been shaken by the radical upset in Tuesday's primary, we ask you to keep hope alive. Mayor Fenty will be in office for the next 106 days, and during that time, we ask that you keep your yard signs on display, as a gesture to symbolize your support for the Mayor, and all that he has accomplished in three and a half years.

The Fenty Administration will continue to push forward with the education reform program that has successfully turned the DC Public School System around. Mayor Fenty and Chancellor Rhee will ensure that every student in the city has the kind of teacher he or she deserves, and an educational facility to take pride in. Mayor Fenty and Chief Lanier will also continue to work to make violent crime in DC a thing of the past. He will keep improving city services in DC to make sure that the needs of the constituents throughout the city are met, and DC can be the world class city it deserves to be.

Mayor Fenty has been the Mayor that DC deserves, and he still needs our support. Together we can remind him that he inspired a grassroots movement of amazing individuals across the city; and we will never forget all that he has done, and will continue to do for us. We should be proud of the kind of campaign we ran and the extraordinary group of people who came together to support our Mayor. Keep your yard signs up, and your heads held high.

Always green,

Andrew del Junco
Fenty 2010
Ward 3 Coordinator

When contacted, del Junco said he wasn't allowed to speak to the press. Fenty campaign spokesman Sean Madigan hasn't responded to a phone call.

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