In robocall, D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham called 'wretched,' 'immoral'

District residents are receiving a robocall that calls Ward 1 D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham "sick," and focuses on an abortion procedure he helped fund for a former staff member.


D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham at a 2009 D.C. Council hearing. (Photo: Washington Times' Joseph Silverman via AP)
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Long story short

Robocall calls Graham 'sick'


"Paying to take a life is evil, especially when you weren't even the parent," the call's narrator says. "Jim Graham is wretched, immoral, and doesn't deserve to represent us. Let's get a decent human being to fight for our children. Not kill them."

A spokesperson for the Graham campaign said the campaign was aware of the call and had contacted the Metropolitan Police Department. The campaign, which is asking media outlets not to post recordings of the call, has also alerted federal authorities, the spokesperson said.

"This is the lowest form of a robocall that I've ever heard," Graham campaign spokesperson Chuck Thies said. "Ever."

Graham, who received the calls at his home, said the attacks made him "feel a little sad about the process."

"It's scurrilous, inaccurate, and very upsetting," Graham said.

The call carries no indication of who funded it and no other group or candidate name is attached.

The abortion referenced in the robocall was documented in a Washington City Paper story, which reported that Graham paid for the $3,200 procedure with his personal credit card and was later repaid by his former staffer, Ted Loza.

“This was a very difficult and personal time for Teddy,” Graham told City Paper at the time.

Bryan Weaver, who is challenging Graham in this year's primary, said the call was a "dirty, disgusting kind of politics." He said it didn't come didn't come from his campaign, and probably hurts his efforts.

"It sort of felt like today was just a monumental set back," he said. "It's just ugliness."

Jeff Smith, who is also running for Graham's Ward 1 seat, hadn't yet heard the call, but also denied that it came from his camp.

"I don't condone it at all," he said. "It doesn't have anything to do with our campaign."