Meryl Streep backs building of national women's history museum in D.C.

There are dozens of monuments and museums throughout Washington, D.C. specifically on the National Mall, but there is no museum in town dedicated solely to the contributions of women in the United States. One group is working to change that and they're getting some big backers.


Meryl Streep Tuesday night talking about the need for a national women's history museum.

A call for action Tuesday night to move forward with plans for a women's history museum on the National Mall. Currently, there's only an online museum.

The organization hopes to purchase a piece of ground just off the National Mall at 12th and Independence Ave SW.

"Usually, it's very shocking to people when we start talking about this and they go ' well, surely there's a national women's history museum, surely,'" National Women's Museum President Joan Wages.

At a special fundraising event in the District Tuesday, big names from the political and entertainment worlds joined the call to move forward with the plans. Meryl Streep is an honorary board member for the group working to build the museum and serves as its national spokeswoman.

"Museums are very important here in Washington of our national heritage, memorialized in marble, granite, glass, steel and stone," said Streep before a group at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tuesday night .

The women's history museum group has been working to obtain land and congressional approval to build since 1996. The House passed legislation last year that would authorize the museum so now they are calling on the Senate to take action on the pending vote.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine said, "We know that if it comes to the Senate floor it's going to pass by 80 or 90 votes, maybe 95."

The cost of constructing a women's history museum is unclear, but those fighting for its creation insist both the money to buy the land and to build the museum itself would all be privately funded.

Organizers hope this fundraising event will help raise awareness about the museum.

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