Michelle Rhee has not quit

Oct 12, 2010: Rhee to resign as D.C. schools chief


Story from Sept 15, 2010 refuting reports that Rhee had quit following the loss of Mayor Adrian Fenty in the Democratic Primary

Contrary to a report on Twitter that D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee has resigned, an official statement indicates that (for now), Rhee is staying on. Here's Rhee's statement to staff, passed along by schools spokesman Safiya Simmons:

Dear Colleagues, It has been my honor to work as urgently and successfully as we have for DC’s students under Mayor Fenty. Without his leadership, we would never have been able to achieve as much as we have for this city. Nothing about yesterday’s election lessens the urgency we need to continue to deliver amazing results for our schools. There are 45,000 children depending on our ability to do what we do well every day. I know you won’t let them down.

Michelle Rhee

And here's the statement Rhee sent out to the media, knocking down the rumor:

When I came here, Mayor Fenty told me he was committed to making these schools better and that he would back reform 100%, regardless of the political costs. He kept his word and we’ve seen the results. Both Mayor Fenty and Chairman Gray embraced education reform in this primary. No one is suggesting we turn back the clock. While important ground work has been laid for future progress in DCPS, these reforms are not irreversible. Without continued strong support, the gains that have been made for children could be lost. The hard choices are not over. The need for political courage remains great and what is important is continuing the progress we’ve made here for every child who goes to school in the District, and we can’t turn back.

Sahil Kapur, 23, the originator of the tweeted rumor, says the information comes from "someone who is very close to one of [Rhee's] colleagues." Confessing that he "stumbled upon" the information, Kapur concedes he doesn't have 100 percent confidence in it. "One hundred percent would have to be coming from her," he says. After tweeting out the information, Kapur requested confirmation from Rhee's office.

But what about the sourcing, Kapur? Does one anonymous, third-hand source justify typing up such an explosive tweet? "I did mention it was one source," he says. "I'm confident in the one source. If I'm wrong, I'm more than happy to print a retraction but I don't believe I am."