Prince George's County Exec. race: endorsements

How much can endorsements really help a candidate? Well, for what it’s worth front-runner candidates Michael Jackson and Rushern Baker have each stacked up their fair share of them from former and soon-to-be former politicians.


The most recent endorsement for Jackson came from current County Executive Jack Johnson (D) who officially came out in support of the sheriff over the weekend.

It wasn’t much of a surprise to close observers; many of Johnson’s top officials have been volunteering on Jackson’s campaign, including spokesman John Erzen. Also, Johnson coming out in support of Baker looked unlikely considering the two ran against each other twice before.

Another weekend endorsement came from beyond the political grave (too soon?) when former congressman Albert Wynn came out in support of Jackson. Wynn was that longtime House of Representatives delegate unseated by Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-Md.) in a fierce 2008 primary battle, with her earning nearly double the number of votes Wynn earned.

And despite Baker publicly saying he’s opposed to furloughing teachers in order to save jobs and his running an educational nonprofit, the county teachers’ union backs Jackson, not Baker.

As for Baker, he counts among his endorsers Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Glenn Ivey (who for quite some time looked poised to make a run for the seat himself). That’s not to mention three former county executives who have come out in support of Baker, including Wayne Curry, Parris Glendening, and Winfield Kelly. Oh, and then there’s The Washington Post and The Gazette endorsements.

And in a weird, love-endorsement-triangle, The Washington Post reports that Jackson backs incumbent State Sen. David Harrington in the race against challenger Del. Victor Ramirez in the county’s 47th district. But Harrington backs Baker. No reciprocity here! 

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