The Redskins opener: So how did Washington fans actually get their tickets?

More than half the Skins fans we talked to were either season-ticket holders or friends of.

Redskins owner Dan Snyder likes to say that his team has a season-ticket waiting list of more than 200,000 names — a claim often disputed in an era of fan discontent. So how strongly do Redskins season-ticket holders actually clutch their seats these days? We surveyed a hundred Skins fans at FedEx Field yesterday, many of them waiting on the port-a-john line above, to see where they scored their tickets for the season opener.

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This being a Dallas game featuring a new Washington quarterback, Redskins optimism was at its peak. Plenty of scalpers were roaming the lots in search of loose tickets, just about all of them coming up empty handed. “It’s unusual,” one hapless scalper told us. “It’s rarely this hard.”

More than half of the people we talked to at the Metro and in the tailgating lots were either season-ticket holders or the friends of season-ticket holders.

But among those who found them through back channels, virtually no one said it was a tough ticket to score, so long as you were willing to spend the money. Prices on Craigslist and elsewhere were fetching three times face value or more. Jim, from Richmond, said he put two of his season tickets up on Stubhub and they sold for $400 apiece — the most he’s ever nabbed.

Diehard fan Jesse Jacquez, 25, bought two $45 upper-level tickets for $175 apiece on Stubhub so that he and his girlfriend could travel all the way from El Paso for their first game at FedEx. Though he paid a premium, Jacquez said he came across plenty of options.

“There were a lot of tickets floating around out there,” he said. “Two of them floated all the way to Texas.”

Of course, there were easier tickets to come by, like those that came off the Dallas “player returns” waiting list, or the free tickets that a father-son duo picked up at a Red Cross blood drive in Northern Virginia.

Herewith, a breakdown of our 100-fan sampling:

Season-ticket holder: 33

Friend of season-ticket holder: 24

Craigslist: 7

Corporate tickets through work: 7

Stubhub: 6

Dallas player ticket return wait list: 3

“Our buddy’s dad worked for Dan Snyder:” 3 2

Bought out a season-ticket holder who was dumping their plan: 2

“Through Sam Huff”: 2

Free through a Red Cross blood drive: 2

Free from Budweiser: 2 2

American Express Concierge service: 2

Redskins Radio: 2

“No ticket, just tailgating“: 1

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