Baby strangled in video monitor cord; CPSC warns about placing monitors close to cribs

Savannah Pereira was the light of her parents' life. The little girl was conceived through fertility treatments and adored by a mother and father who waited to have children.


Savannah Pereira (Photo: ABC 7 News)

Her parents wanted to do all they could to keep their precious girl safe so they bought a video monitor to keep an eye on the infant while she slept.

Her father Charley Pereira said, "She couldn't even crawl, much less get up, reach out of the crib and get the monitor so everything was good for two and a half months."

Two and half months was when the baby started to pull up on her own. The unthinkable happened when her nanny left her in her crib so she could fold laundry.

"What happened next only God knows...but somehow she was able to, I guess, presumably, reach the monitor, pull herself up, reach the monitor and strangle on the cord," said Pereira.

Savannah was just 10 months old.

"It's the biggest loss we could have in our life. I don't even think losing a spouse is as significant as losing your own child," said Periera. "In my case, it was my little fil. I'm supposed to protect her."

Tuesday, the CPSC released an advisory warning parents about the dangers of placing video and audio monitors too close to cribs.

CPSC's Patti Davis said, "These baby monitors with the cords are a hidden danger in your nursery. Chords and kids do not mix."

Periera says the packaging for these device should contain bold warnings of their hazards or, better yet, be totally wireless.

"That product should not have a cord attached to it because it can kill a baby...and it did kill our baby," said Periera.

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