Chris Mader murder arrest: Matthew Correll indicted in 2004 Thanksgiving slaying

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Charles County investigators have a man in custody in connection with a six-year-old murder mystery: Who gunned down Christopher Mader on Thanksgiving Day 2004?

Matthew Correll, 29, is charged with murder in Chris Mader's 2004 death. (Photo: Charles County Sheriff's office)

Mader, 23, was fatally shot near the intersection of Smallwood Drive and St. Stephen's Drive as he headed home from a shift at Bennigan's, where he was a bartender. Investigators say they recently received a tip that led them to 29-year-old Matthew Derek Correll, of King George, Va.

A grand jury indicted Correll on six counts, including first-degree murder and attempted robbery.

Sources say they believe the murder stemmed from a botched robbery attempt. Detectives think Correll and as many as two other men followed Mader from work, ran him off the road and attempted to rob him, according to sources. But, the sources say, detectives believe Correll shot Mader and the assailants fled without taking anything except his life.

Investigators believe Correll was the shooter, and that there are at least two other assailants still at large, the sources said.

At a news conference Thursday, Mader's mother said the long-awaited arrest has given her some peace of mind.

"The best is that he's behind bars and he's not going to get out. And so he will spend the rest of his time, just like I will spend the rest of my life..." Samantha Payne said. "My son is here in spirit, and he's well resting today, knowing that this has been done."

"It just ate at me everyday, not knowing the why," Payne said. "Chris is never coming back, but we have closure."

Correll is being held without bond. The investigation remains ongoing.

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