Mikulski's Metro ad: Senator attacks transit agency's safety record

A new political ad from Senator Barbara Mikulski has harsh things to say about Metro.


The ad attacks the transit agency's safety record, and positions Mikulski as a lawmaker pushing for safety improvements.

George Washington University professor of media and public affairs Michael Shanahan believes even incumbents like Mikulski, who lacks serious opposition, want to been seen as tough.

"She also has lot of money in the bank, (and) a lot of money to spend on ads," Shanahan said.

Metro board member Jim Graham says he objects on a factual basis, because in the ad Mikulski claims she "insisted Metro actually follow federal safety standards for the first time."

"She says in her ad that we have somehow not complied with federal safety standards," Graham complained. "Well, that's part of the problem, because there aren't any federal safety standard."

Mikulski has not posted the ad to her campaign website, or to YouTube.

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