National Archives agents raid home of Leslie Waffen, former archives department head

One of the reports, released last week, detailed “significant weaknesses pervad[ing]” the Archives' security protocols.

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Leslie Waffen's Rockville house was raided by agents from the National Archives Tuesday. (Photo: TBD Staff)

Long story short

Federal agents raid house of former National Archives department head.


Brachfeld says theft of historical documents generally is a major issue. The National Archives’ website publishes a list of some of its most important, missing items. They include several of President Harry S. Truman's swords, a reading copy of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s "Day of Infamy" speech, the Hiroshima target map, and the patent for Eli Whitney's cotton gin.

“The threat is there. Incidences have transpired and they continue to transpire, and my job is to, A, investigate active cases and, B, educate the public,” Brachfeld said.

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