Parking meter hike could cost D.C. sports fans

Some key changes to parking meters in Chinatown could end up being costly for Capitals or Wizards fans.

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Higher parking meter fees mean fans will have to pay a pretty penny to park for games. Mayor Adrian Fenty deemed Chinatown a so-called "premium demand zone", increased the price to park and extended enforcement hours to 10 p.m.

One week after Fenty lost the primary, Vincent Gray said if he is elected he would kill the new fees, saying they hurt business. Arlington resident and longtime Caps fan Paul Parfomak says there is no question Gray is right.

"You come in from out of town and you want to see this game and this is supposed to be a hospitable city, beautiful area. You're basically going to get robbed by the city," said Parfomak.

Fenty said the new fees save the city about $6 million a year.

See the other reactions from more fans in the video above.

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