Jon Stewart Rally location announced (map, video)

Plans for John Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity are underway and so are people's D.C. travel plans.


Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will hold 'opposing' rallies on the National Mall in D.C. on Oct. 30 (Photo: AP)

Humorist Jon Stewart says 23 days from now you and your neighbors might be a little more reasonable if you attend his Rally to Restore Sanity at the National Mall. The location was announced Wednesday night on The Daily Show.

Stewart showed a map with the location (the east end of the National Mall between 3rd Street and 7th Street), saying, "We will rally HERE! At the east end of the National Mall...and as far as we know, no iconic event has ever taken place there."

The rally started as a satirical answer to Glenn Beck's Restore Honor rally but is now being taken fairly seriously. Syndicated columnist Arianna Huffington is even offering free bus rides from New York to those who want to attend.

"It's about reconnecting with reality. We can still have big arguments about the direction of the country," said Huffington, "But let's not have big arguments about whether the Earth is flat or whether Barack Obama is a Muslim."

On Facebook, 188,000 people say they will attend the rally on Oct. 30 and blogs are abuzz with talk of satellite rallies around the country.

Jeff Frazier told us, "It's indicative of people getting a little bit restless with how things are going."

Stewart says 15 percent of americans "control the conversation" and it's time for a game changer.

Tony Frangello said, "Maybe this will be one that has some traction with that middle 80 or 90 percent that feel like they don't have a voice and here's an opportunity to make it heard."

The event is free but Stewart is asking everyone to make a donation to the "Trust for the National Mall."The Daily Show's Jon Stewart announced the exact location of his Oct. rally in D.C. Wednesday night.

You can view more details about Stewart's rally here.

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