The Adrian Fenty write-in movement

D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty lost the Democratic primary, but for his hardcore supporters the fight isn't over yet.


If you ask around affluent Ward 3 where 80 percent of Democratic primary voters chose Adrian Fenty, some say they are considering him as a write-in candidate.

"I was very disappointed in the election and I think very much about writing in," said Susan Willens.

Thursday afternoon near the site of primary winner Vincent Gray trying to woo Ward 3 votes in a town meeting, Fenty write-in supporters held a news conference to launch their Save D.C. Now political action committee and write-in blitz.

It all got started weeks ago by a Georgetown resident with a "Run Fenty Run" Facebook page. More than five thousand people have voted to "like" the Facebook group.

"This isn't over. It's the bottom of the 9th, we're down by a bunch of runs, but we're still at bat. The election is November 2nd. We still have a chance here," said John Hlinko.

One of Fenty's most loyal supporters, Joshua Lopez, who disrupted rallies and infuriated Gray supporters, says, "We need your support."

He left a D.C. government job Fenty gave him to join the write-in push.

Lopez told us, "Progress has no party in D.C. I think people from all types of political affiliations can come together."

As for Gray supporters in Ward 3, they don't like it.

"It's desperation....Fenty lost fair and square," said Brent Blackwelder.

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