DNA links Morgan Harrington's killer with a Fairfax County abduction-rape case

The disappearance and death of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington last year made local and national headlines.


And the case remains unsolved.

But there is a crucial DNA link with another case in Fairfax County.

Her family and friends have organized a caravan to raise awareness of the link between the cases.


They have traveled from Roanoke to Fairfax, with signs on their cars, passing out leaflets with a composite sketch of a man who abducted and raped a 25-year old Fairfax County woman in 2005.

"We want justice for our daughter, but we want the community to be safe," said Dan Harrington, Morgan's father.

Morgan Harrington was abducted and killed after leaving a Metallica concert in Charlottesville in October 2009.

Her parents hope to keep the unsolved case alive in the public eye.

"It's too late for us," said Gil Harrington, Morgan's mother. "Our daughter is dead. But it's not too late for the next girl, and that's why I can't give up."

"The DNA collected from that young lady is connected forensically to Morgan's murder," said Amanda St. Clair, a volunteer in the caravan. "There's no question about it."

Police warn the suspect may have changed his appearance in five years. But the hope is someone might recognize him from the sketch on the poster.

The family and police still have many questions. Why was Morgan's body moved to a remote farm? Is her killer now in Fairfax County?

Police have posted a $150,000 reward for information in this case.

If you think you have any information or possible tips in either case, contact Virginia State Police at 434-352-3467.

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