Former gang member tells how she recruited young girls into becoming prostitutes

In an exclusive for Only on Seven, ABC 7's Gail Pennybacker interviews "Anna," a girl who says she helped gang members recruit younger Northern Virginia girls into the gang life, turning them into prostitutes, drug mules, and gun runners.


Anna is trying to turn her life around, but she has a serious warning for others.

The numbers are alarming across Northern Virginia. More and more very young girls -- middle schoolers -- are being enticed into joining dangerous, established street gangs.

Gail also interviews an undercover detective with the Northern Virginia Gang Task Force, who says the gangs are using girls like Anna not only to sell their bodies, but to be part of other crimes.

Anna has been through rehab to quit drugs, she's back with her family, and instead of luring girls into a life of gang servitude, now she's wants to warn them there is no future in it.

While Anna is working to get her high school diploma now, she says she wants to help police, social workers and schools to get the word out to young girls and their families about this new, aggressive gang tactic.

Watch as Gail interviews Anna and the detective, with their identities disguised. They talk openly about this alarming and growing problem.

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