Veronica Deramous case: Woman who tried to cut baby from other woman's womb attacked in court

A woman who last year was kidnapped, held against her will and nearly had her baby carved from her womb tried to attack her attacker in Prince George's County courtroom on Friday.


Teka Adams brought her 10-month-old child Miracle to court to watch Veronica Deramous plead guilty to first-degree assault and enter an Alford plea to false imprisonment for the December 2009 incident.

But when Deramous, 40, told the court that the attack was the culmination of a six-month scheme allegedly hatched by Adams to sell her baby to Deramous for $5,000, Adams snapped. She jumped up from her seat, stepping over her baby, and charged at Deramous, screaming, yelling and trying to punch her. Adams' father grabbed her by the arm and sheriff's deputies pushed her back. Adams' father was able to wrestle her to the ground.

Prosecutors say they have no evidence to support Deramous' claim that Adams had agreed to sell her unborn baby. Deramous claimed she had been making  payments to Adams after the two met in a bar six months before the attack. Adams denies the claim, and detectives could find no evidence of payments, or of the two having met before December 2009.

The defense said Deramous lured Adams from a homeless shelter in the District to her Suitland apartment with the promise of clothes and diapers for her unborn baby. Deramous then struck Adams over the head and tied her up, keeping her there for days. Deramous claims she doesn't remember using a box cutter to slice open Adams' abdomen to try to remove the child. Adams was able to escape and seek help. Her baby was delivered by emergency cesarean section.

After her outburst, Adams left the courthouse without comment. Before the hearing, she told ABC7 she was hoping for justice.

"It's another one off the street, another bad person is off the street," Adams said. "I just hope she gets what she deserves, you know, because what she did was very damaging."

Adams says she brought Miracle to court, to show Deramous what was almost almost lost.

"She sleeps, she smiles. She's real happy," Adams said. "She's a real happy baby."

Adams has gotten married since the attack and brought her husband, her parents and her therapist to court.

The judge sentenced Deramous to 25 years in prison for the assault charge and life in prison with all but 15 years suspended for the false imprisonment charge. She could be free on parole in 12 and a half years.

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