Morningside police clerk terminated over alleged ticket-fixing

There's an expanding scandal in one Prince George's County town, where a former clerk is accused of fixing her own red-light camera tickets, and more.


The investigation began when Morningside police Chief Eugene Mills noticed irregularities in the town's red-light camera system. Mills says he suspected that the police department's clerk was deleting tickets issued by a camera set up along Allentown Road in front of Joint Base Andrews.

According to multiple sources, a months-long Maryland State Police investigation concluded that the clerk, Regina Foster, had indeed fixed tickets for herself and others, including her husband. She was fired from her clerk job on Friday.

"I can't comment on personnel matters, but the findings were theft under $1,000 and malfeasance in office," Chief Mills said. "We got good people that work here and are going to continue to have good people work here. But we're going to do it with integrity, honor and ethics."

Here's where it gets tricky for the chief, however. The Fosters are both members of the town council, meaning he works for them.

"It's not something where I'm going to stop the fight. I'm going to do what's right for the town, the residents, and the people of surrounding Prince George's County," Chief Mills said.

Charles Thompson runs an auto repair business in Morningside. He stands behind the chief.

"She needs to step down from city council," Thompson said. "It's a conflict of interest to have husband and wife on there anyway."

ABC7 tried to contact the Fosters at their home Monday, but no one answered the door.

The Prince George's State's Attorney's Office is not moving forward with a prosecution, but ABC 7 News has learned the state prosecutor is interested in the case.

The issue is expected to come to a head Tuesday evening when the Morningside Town Council meets.

People say they're going to show up and demand that Regina Foster resign form the council. Others say Foster will fight to keep her job.

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