Stolen puppy Ivan returned to Washington Humane Society

ABC 7 News has confirmed that the puppy stolen from the Washington Humane Society on Monday has been returned.


Ivan, the 4-month-old puppy, was returned Wednesday, said Sabrina Fang, a spokesperson for the society.

Fang said Ivan was undergoing a medical evaluation and more details will be released Thursday.

Watch ABC 7 News for the story and video of the puppy.

In an earlier news release, the Washington Humane Society had reported that "Ivan was snatched from his kennel at the New York Avenue shelter early on Monday afternoon. Three suspects were caught on surveillance video taking the dog from the shelter. The individuals entered the shelter on 1201 New York Avenue, NE posing as potential adopters. Once inside the shelter the suspects took Ivan from his cage and escaped by breaking through a wooden fence behind the building"