The 10 worst moments of 2010 in D.C. sports (POLL)

Albert Haynesworth didn't even make our top three. That's how rough of a year it was. (Photo: Associated Press)

This wasn't exactly a banner year for D.C. sports.


Long story short

The worst 10 moments in D.C. sports this year. As ugly as you'd expect it to be.


Gun charges, superstar surgeries, a playoff collapse and just about everything that happened all year with the Redskins were some of the low-lights. If that depresses you, tomorrow we'll have a list of the best 10 moments of the year to cheer you up (in the meantime, see We Love DC's list of the top five sports stories, some of which are happy).

For now, either read on or cover your eyes. Here are our bottom 10 moments of 2010, as compiled by the hosts and staff of TBD SportsTalk.

10. Adam Dunn leaves the Nats for the White Sox. Signing Jayson Werth helped the pain a little, but he was a fan favorite and there's still no replacement at 1B.

9. DC United's worst season ever. At 6-20-4, they finished dead last in the Eastern Conference.

8. Terps lose at the buzzer in NCAA tournament. Michigan State hit a three-pointer as the clock expired, ending Maryland's season in the most painful way possible.

7. Clinton Portis's season-ending injury. Could be the end for one of the greatest running backs in Redskins history.

6. Ralph Friedgen forced out at Maryland. David Aldridge argued it was more about commerce than football.

5. Gilbert Arenas suspended. Felony gun charges leading to a 50-game suspension will be quite the distraction for your team.

4. The Albert Haynesworth fiasco. Where do we begin? Conditioning tests, taking a breather as Michael Vick threw a TD and conflicts with coaches seem to just scratch the surface of this tiresome storyline.

3. Donovan McNabb benched in final two minutes. Back before he was benched for good, it seemed a bizarre way to treat the guy who we all were told was supposed to be the franchise quarterback.

2. Stephen Strasburg's season-ending injury. All that hope, excitement and the filled ballparks vanished when the Nationals shut him down for Tommy John surgery, and even put a damper on the 2011 season well before it starts.

1. The Caps go out in first round of the playoffs. They looked like they were D.C.'s best chance for glory, but quickly let the fans down.

Dishonorable mention goes to the Phillies' Opening Day invasion of Nationals Park (suggested by reader Justin Casavant).

You agree with our rankings? Pick your bottom moment here.


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