Thieves target 25 vehicles in Sterling, slashing tires

Loudoun County investigators are looking for the people responsible for vandalizing at least two dozen vehicles.

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The vehicles were hit in three areas of Sterling: near Blossom Drive and Magnolia Road; along Golden Spike Terrace, and along Trestle Terrace.

Giovanie Rosado says he had to take time off from work to replace five tires on his two cars, which cost him more than $300. Three tires were slashed on one car and two on the other.

Loc Nguyen says he woke up Sunday to take his morning walk. When he passed by his truck parked on Blossom Drive he saw a flat tire. When he looked closer, he saw it was slashed. Now he's facing a repair bill of a couple hundred dollars.

The vandals were also thieves, police said. Three GPS devices, two digital cameras and two pairs of sunglasses were stolen from targeted vehicles.

Police don't know for sure who did this, and neighbors are baffled. They say there hasn't been any trouble here before and little to no crime at all. They're concerned it will happen again.

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