Barbers arrested in NW D.C.

Customers arrived at Edges Barber and Beauty Salon in D.C. Wednesday to find locked doors and no explanation on the closure.


They soon found out that all the barbers were arrested.

The barbers appeared in court Wednesday where they are facing charges involving drugs, a gun and three laptop computers. Authorities said PCP, cocaine and marijuana are involved.

Barber Khalid Muhammad, also known as Antonio Rowland, was among those arrested. Authorities charged him with marijuana possession - an accusation he denies.

He said between 30 and 40 officers made the arrests.

“They told everybody to put their hands up in the air and on their heads,” he said.

Prosecutors are sending the care to the grand jury.

Customers had only good things to say about the barbershop.

“It was always packed,” Lashell Rivers said. “It’s a good place to get your hair cut.”

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