Carlos Rogers and Bruce Allen prove Redskins can't even win the offseason anymore

The Redskins’ offseason hasn’t gotten off to the greatest of starts. I say this because (a.) Carlos Rogers opened his mouth again recently, and (b.) Bruce Allen deigned to give a news conference for the first time since OTAs and managed to say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE (unless you’re enthralled by the team’s plans to build an indoor practice facility).


Carlos Rogers hasn't performed much better off the field than he has on it. (Photo: Associated Press)

Long story short

This is the time of year when the Redskins are supposed to be Pumping the Air Back into the Balloon.


This is the time of year, of course, when the Redskins – after yet another dismal season – are supposed to be Pumping the Air Back into the Balloon and giving their deflated fans something to look forward to. But Rogers and Allen apparently missed the memo.

Instead, Rogers, in an interview with LaVar Arrington and Chad Dukes on 106.7 The Fan, chose to remind everybody that there are some members of this team – too many, in fact – who just don’t get it. And he did this by insisting, in his Eternal Victim way, that people have made far too much of his anemic interception total: eight in six NFL seasons.

“Does that define every corner?” he said. “Every corner you look at did not have five, six interceptions this year.”

No, interceptions aren’t the only measure of a cornerback. But they’re certainly a SIGNIFICANT measure. And they become even more significant when you lose six games by four points or less, as the Redskins did this season. Think about it: How easily could a pick – just one more pick -- have turned any of those losses into a victory?

But beyond that, eight INTs in six years is a ridiculously small number. How ridiculous? Well, I did a bit of research, and here’s what I turned up:

• From 2005 to 2010 – the span of Rogers’ career – 98 defensive backs intercepted more passes than he did. Check out the (incredibly long) list for yourself.

Included in the group, you’ll notice, are DeAngelo Hall (30), Phillip Buchanon (9) and ex-Redskins Walt Harris (16) and Ryan Clark (10).

• Since 2005, nine DBs (six of them corners) have had more picks IN ONE SEASON than Rogers has had in six.

• Finally, lest we forget, Hall had as many INTs in the SECOND HALF against the Bears this season (4) as Carlos has had in the last three years.

If Mike Shanahan is truly determined to “change the culture” in Ashburn, then there’s no way Rogers – whose contract is up – will be back next season. It’s not just Carlos’ interceptions issue, it’s episodes like this, episodes that make you wonder whether he feels any responsibility at all for the club’s failures. (Not long after the 59-28 embarrassment against the Eagles, you may recall, the Eternal Victim complained about the lack of fan support at FedEx Field.)

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