D.C. leaders tour troubled North Capitol Street neighborhood

D.C. Mayor Vince Gray, Councilman Harry 'Tommy' Thomas and police Chief Cathy Lanier toured the troubled North Capitol Street neighborhood that has seen two shootings in the past two weeks.


At Florida and North Capitol, a weathered memorial still stands from last week's vigil for 33-year-old William Mitchell, who was shot and killed as he tried to stop a woman from being assaulted.

Another man was shot in a robbery over the weekend.

The intersection of two busy thoroughfares has historically been a spot for day and night drinking, drugs, and crime.

The mayor and other city officials pledged more police and better lighting.

"Whenever you have somebody shot and killed and another person shot, it clearly is going to raise the anxiety level of people who live in the community," Mayor Gray said. "We want to try to allay those fears as quickly as we can, and look at the thing we can do and move quickly to implement those things. "

Police have not identified a suspect in Mitchell's murder and fliers seeking the killer's identity are posted around the area. The city's response to the murder of a white man has sparked controversy in what some describe as a gentrifying neighborhood.

According to Northeast resident Pari Parker, "They just doing that because he was white. If it was a black person they wouldn't have done none of that. How many black people die around here every day?"

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