'Put (the cash) in your bra': The Jack Johnson phone call FBI transcript

While FBI agents pounded on his front door, former Prince George's County executive Jack Johnson told his wife to destroy a $100,000 check and hide his cash in her underwear, the FBI alleges.


The following is a transcript of a recorded phone conversation between Johnson and his wife, Leslie, included in a 31-page indictment alleging conspiracy, extortion and bribery.

On or about November 12, 2010, at approximately 10:12 a.m., defendant JACK JOHNSON attempted to and did knowingly and corruptly persuade L. Johnson to destroy the $100,000 check provided to defendant JACK JOHNSON by Developer A and hide United States currency that he had hidden in their home, as described below:

JACK JOHNSON: Yes ma'am.
L. Johnson: Um, two women are at the door. I don't know who ...
L. Johnson: ... they are.
L. Johnson: Right. Hold on a minute.
JACK JOHNSON: Don't a... , don't answer it.
L. Johnson: I'm not. ..

* * *

JACK JOHNSON: And go upstairs in our bedroom and open up um, my drawer, um... , let me see ...
let me see where it is. It's ah...
L. Johnson: Oh my God, Jack.
JACK JOHNSON: Okay. Just. .. , just open up my drawer
and um, and um...
L. Johnson: They're banging.
JACK JOHNSON: Tell 'em ... , tell 'em you are undressed and you're gonna be down in a minute.
L. Johnson: Okay, but I'm downstairs Jack and they can see through the thing.
JACK JOHNSON: Just tell 'em ... , tell 'em you're undressed and you're gonna be there in a minute, okay?
L. Johnson: Okay.
JACK JOHNSON: Okay, now go upstairs my drawer, um... No, let's see ... Yes. There is um, um, where the. .. It's the drawer. ..
L. Johnson: Oh my God.
JACK JOHNSON: It's. .. Leslie, it's the drawer where the underwear is, I think it is.
L. Johnson: Yes.
JACK JOHNSON: If it's not that, it's another one and you'll see a. . . , a check in there that's out to [Developer A]. Okay. It's ... , it's not. .. ,
it's not. ..
L. Johnson: You want me to take the cash out of here too?
JACK JOHNSON: Um... Yeah, you can ... Ah, let's see ., let's see, yeah, you know where the c .
L. Johnson: I got it.
JACK JOHNSON: You got the cash?
L. Johnson: Hmph hmph.
JACK JOHNSON: Okay, um, put it in your bra or somethin' like that and walk out of it. Put it. .. Okay.
L. Johnson: Wait a minute ...
JACK JOHNSON: Or put. .. , put it. ..
L. Johnson: ... and then where's the check? Where's the check?
JACK JOHNSON: The check is in the um... , um... , if you open up the ... , the dresser, you know, my, my drawer, right?
L. Johnson: Hmph hmph.
JACK JOHNSON: There's a little box and in the box there's a check. Just tear it up or, or, or chew it up, somethin', okay?

* * *

L. Johnson: I don't see it Jack.
JACK JOHNSON: Okay, take your time, take your time, take your time. The first drawer. You see it in the first drawer there?
L. Johnson: No. A check. Oh my God.
[The sound of knocking on door.]
JACK JOHNSON: Yeah, it. .. , it's in a... , it's in a box. I got it in a little box or something.
* * *
L. Johnson: I'm just. .. Let me get everything out. I see a receipt. [Sighs]' Oh God. I don't see a check. I don't see any check Jack and they're just bangin' and bangin'.
JACK JOHNSON: Okay, just let 'em bang, let 'em bang. um, they can't. .. , they can't open the door unless you ... , you're there. um..., um...

* * *

L. Johnson: Oh, is it the box with the liquor?
JACK JOHNSON: Yeah, and, it. .. Yeah, and look in another box. You'll see a check in there. Yeah, that's right.
L. Johnson: Yes, there's a check in there.
JACK JOHNSON: Okay. Tear it up. That's the only thing you have to do. Now go down ... You ..., you got the money?
L. Johnson: Yeah, wait a minute. I got the cash. Do you have that cash down in the basement still too?
L. Johnson: Okay, I gotta move that too. Where do you want me to move it?
JACK JOHNSON: Put it in ... Put it in your um, put it in your bra and walk out or something with it. I don't know what to do with it. um...
L. Johnson: Whatta you want me to do with the check?
You hear' em banging?
JACK JOHNSON: Tear up the check and ... , um... , and , and um... , and ... , and um, tear it up.
Just. .. , just tear it up.
L. Johnson: They're saying FBI Jack.
JACK JOHNSON: Yeah, I know ... , I know. That's why I'm telling you. [Developer A] set me up.
L. Johnson: You want me to put it down the toilet?
L. Johnson: You want me to flush it?
JACK JOHNSON: Yeah, flush that.

[The sound of a toilet flushing in background.]

L. Johnson: All right. Now whatta you want me to do?
JACK JOHNSON: Go downstairs and get...
L. Johnson: I'm tellin' 'em I'm not dressed.
JACK JOHNSON: Yeah, tell 'em you're not dressed. You will be dressed in five minutes then you open ...
L. Johnson: Okay, and I have the cash.
JACK JOHNSON: Okay. Leave that little cash. That's okay.
That's a little bit. .. , a little cash. Put it in your underwear.
L. Johnson: I have it in my bra. And what about. ..
L. Johnson: ... that other cash though?
JACK JOHNSON: Um, [unintelligible].
L. Johnson: You gotta tell me what to do with it Jack.

7. On or about November 12, 2010, at approximately 10:20 a.m., after the telephone conversation described in paragraph 6 was briefly discontinued, L.Johnson called defendant JACK JOHNSON and the conversation resumed as follows:

L. Johnson: What do you want me to do with this money? They are banging?
JACK JOHNSON: Put. .. , put. .. , put. ..
L. Johnson: What do you want me to do with it?
JACK JOHNSON: ... put it. .. , put it in your panties and walk out of the house.
L. Johnson: No, but I mean all this cash Jack.
JACK JOHNSON: Put it. ..
L. Johnson: I got the one from down ...
JACK JOHNSON: Put it in your panties Leslie.
L. Johnson: Oh my God. Okay.
JACK JOHNSON: Yeah, stuff it in your panties. Yeah, tell 'em you were in the bathroom. Right? I'll be home in a minute too. Okay. And then just..., and then just open the door and sit down. Okay?

8. FBI and IRS-CI agents entered the home, met L. Johnson, searched L. Johnson's person, and recovered $79,600 in United States currency from her underwear and bra.

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