Try the firefighter's diet to lose weight, improve health

Waiting is a constant part of a firefighter’s job, which often means they’re in the station’s kitchen. That doesn’t help their waistlines.


So Captain Steve Snyder thought some Bethesda firefighters should try what worked for some firefighters in Texas. It’s called the Engine 2 diet. It’s 28 days of eating more and losing more.

The plant-based diet is meant to improve overall health – not just serve as a quick weight-loss gimmick. No meat is allowed. No dairy is allowed. But you can eat as many vegetables as you like.

After 28 days, firefighters at the Bethesda station had rave reviews. Leroy Isreal lost eight pounds. Snyder lost seven pounds. Troy Jones lost weight but even more importantly to him, he lowered his cholesterol by 20 points.

The guys at the fire station even stayed vegan on Super Bowl Sunday -- the ultimate challenge. They enjoyed 'mock'amole, veggie cheeseless pizza and quesadillas stuffed with hummus rather than cheddar cheese

All five participants lost at least six pounds. One firefighter lost nearly 20 pounds. And even though it’s a 28-day diet, some plan to stick with it.

“I’ve got two guys who are going to stay on it with their wives for at least four more weeks,” Snyder said.

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