'Made in America' begins in West Virginia

Ever wonder whether if anything in your home is actually made in America?


ABC News launched a special series answering that very question and their quest brought ABC7 News to West Virginia.

Gat Creek Furniture in Berkley Springs, W.Va., is a small town manufacturer, getting a big national spotlight

Post World War Two America was a mecca of manufacturing. Ninety-percent of all goods purchased in America were made in America in the 1950s. Now more than half is made overseas.

ABC's World News visited one American home to sort out what was domestic and what was foreign. ABC stripped the house of everything foriegn, leaving a lot of room for new American stuff, including a table from Gat Creek. The table was built by Rick Kidwell, who's worked for Gat Creek for 27 years, since he graduated high school

"I think people need to buy American, and have a sense pride in their own country," Kidwell.

What "Made in America" really means is made my American workers. The Gat Creek plant employs more than a hundred working on wood, which is grown in the U.S., harvested in the U.S., and most of it comes from just a few hundred miles away.

According to owner Gat Caperton, "It builds a local community here: The kids go school here, the people who work here are on the volunteer fire department, are on the rescue squad, it builds a community that's pretty special."

Caperton, son of a former West Virginia governor, has been running the business for 15 years. Weathering the tough economy, his workers build 20,000 pieces of furniture a year.

"I think there's a real upside to regaining Made in America," Caperton said.

That effort is being done by hand, one piece at time, in west Virginia.

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