Gray denies Sulaimon Brown's charges of job promise, cash payments

D.C. Mayor Vince Gray held a news conference Sunday afternoon to deny the explosive charges raised by former mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown on NewsChannel 8's NewsTalk with Bruce DePuyt Monday and in a major front page story in the Washington Post Sunday.


Photo: Bruce DePuyt

Brown has said that he was promised a job in the Gray administration and was given cash payments for his campaign based on his promise to keep up attacks on former Mayor Adrian Fenty.

Gray said he never promised Brown a city job, only an interview. And he denied his campaign encouraged Brown's attacks on Fenty during the campaign.

Gray said Brown has "credibility issues."

"I don't know about any cash payments," Gray said. "That would be reprehensible."

Brown, who was later hired and then fired from a $110,000 job as a special assistant in the D.C. Department of Health Care Finance, says he has text messages to prove he and the Gray campaign had a deal.

The Post quotes one message from the mayor to Brown as saying, "You know as well as I do that we did not renege on any commitments to you. You know and I know what agreements had been reached. And none has been breached."

Gray said he has asked the D.C. Attorney General and the City Council to review Brown's allegations.

"It was definitely a bad idea," Brown has said. "At the time I needed financial support. I had a pregnant wife and I needed financial support."

Brown is currently on paid administrative leave from his city job until Friday when he will be officially fired. This follows an allegation that Brown had stalked a 14-year-old girl, a charge that Brown has denied.



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