Katharine Weymouth's salary criticized by Washington Post staff

The folks at the Huffington Post are good at monitoring Twitter, but their spelling skills still leave something to be desired.


Today they spotted some tweets coming from Washington Post staffers taking issue with the compensation of their publisher. That would be Katharine Weymouth. NOT, as HuffPo wrote, Katherine.

After a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission showed that Weymouth made over $2 million in salary and bonuses in 2010, there are hints of dissent in the newsroom.

Yian Q. Mui and J. Freedom du Lac, took to Twitter to express their dismay.

According to Footnoted, Weymouth's base salary was over $530,000 and received over $483,000 in bonuses. On top of that, she was paid over $1 million from a "long-term incentive plan."

Mui and Freedom du Lac, via Twitter:

@washingtonpost publisher Katharine Weymouth gets $2 mil and a raise while newsroom enjoys cost-cutting: http://bit.ly/gcllAa via @footnotedless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Trending topic at WaPo: "Katharine Weymouth gets $2M and raise while newsroom enjoys cost-cutting" http://bit.ly/gcllAa via @ylanmuiless than a minute ago via web

Meanwhile, take a look at HuffPo's spelling error for yourself:

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