Ravens' Tommy Zbikowski's pro boxing career

Baltimore Ravens safety Tommy Zbikowski may be the best example of how to bide time in the midst of an NFL labor dispute.


(Photo: Associated Press)

Just days after recording a first-round TKO against Richard Bryant in Las Vegas, Zbikowski has scheduled to fight two more bouts in Atlantic City, the Baltimore Sun reports.

He is scheduled to fight at Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall, though an opponent has yet to be named. Zbikowski's Facebook page confirms the Atlantic City match for March 26.

Zbikowski has even had a challenge from Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco via Twitter. 

@ochocino, you don't REALLY think you could whoop me, do you?? (I won't even get started on you trying to whoop... http://fb.me/tb5M1ySRless than a minute ago via Facebook


The NFL.com blog takes look at how legit of a boxer Zbikowski is.

“He needs some reps,” said Bob Papa, an NFL Network analyst and boxing commentator. “Just like a football player needs practice, he needs to box more. But you can tell by the way he holds his hands, moves his feet and the way he punches, that he is a boxer and has some skills."


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