Sulaimon Brown calls TBD 'the worst'

Word has come down from the local reportial grapevine that Sulaimon Brown has some strong feelings about those who've covered his run in the headlines. Word is that a couple of scribes in town who've slighted him in their dispatches on the Brown v. Mayor Vince Gray spectacle have earned his scorn.


Long story short

Brown dislikes TBD coverage


So TBD rang up the much-in-demand Brown in search of some front-row-view media criticism. And TBD wasn't too pleased with the result!

"TBD has been the worst reporting" on this episode, railed Brown.

Why? "Because you guys are...not following the facts. Your reporters, like Sarah [Larimer] and the other guy [presumably Kevin Robillard] are just not good reporters."

Two points here: 1) Larimer and Robillard were not the ones rumored to have earned Brown's disregard; 2) Brown exempted illustrious NewsTalk host Bruce DePuyt from his blanket slam on TBD's reporters. 

With a little back-and-forth on these points, Brown found himself on a roll, alleging that TBDers "live in a bubble somewhere," that we "don't seem to be following the story" and that we are "trying to make up the story." "You guys need to get your act together. It's unfortunate that your writers seem to be making up all these ludicrous judgment calls about someone's character...I've had several people calling me already saying TBD is like a tabloid newspaper." Without a print product, it must be noted.

As for specifics, Brown called TBD's attention to what he alleges are inconsistencies between the news video and the "wording" in this file. TBD is currently investigating the matter.

Toward the end of the conversation, Brown showed some ignorance of recent headlines: "I'm sure you got a lot of good people working for you."



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