Two charged in death of University of Maryland student Justin DeSha-Overcash

Two men have been charged Thursday in the death of University of Maryland student Justin DeSha-Overcash, a law enforcement source tells ABC7 News.


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Police arrested 22-year-old Stephan Weaver and 23-year-old Deandre Ricardo Williams. Bot have been charged with first degree murder.

The suspects have no relation to the University of Maryland.

DeSha-Overcash was shot to death January 11 in the home he rented in the 8800 block of 38th Street in Adelphi, just across University Boulevard from College Park. His murder was the 12th of the year in Prince George's County.

Police allege that Weaver and Williams went to DeSha-Overcash’s off-campus house because another friend told them the victim was a drug dealer and they could rob him of cash and drugs.

According to court documents, Weaver waited outside while Williams went into the house. There was a struggle for the drugs and Williams allegedly shot DeSha-Overcash twice.

Both suspects have reportedly confessed their involvement.

(Photo: Stephan Weaver)

DeSha-Overcash’s family denied that he was involved with drugs.

(Photo: Deandre Williams)

DeSha-Overcash was double-major in physics and astronomy.

DeSha-Overcash's mother previously said the family had fallen on hard times recently. She said she lost her job, so DeSha-Overcash worked two jobs to pay his way through school.

His friends said they didn’t recognize either suspect. They also don’t want the victim’s alleged involvement with drugs to tarnish his legacy.

“I'm just happy that justice is being served,” said Ben Crist, a fried of DeSha-Overcash. “But it’s just such a tragic loss. I can’t even begin to tell you how much pain its caused a bunch of us students here at the University of Maryland.”

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