Woman identifies Sulaimon Brown as man who harassed her teen daughter

A Southeast D.C. woman and her teenage daughter identified video Thursday of Sulaimon Brown as the the man the mother filed a restraining order against in 2007 for what she considered his inappropriate relationship with her then-13-year-old daughter.

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(Photo: Jay Westcott)

Wanda Battle said, "That's him. That's the security guard that used to live around here."

When asked why she filed the stay-away order, Battle replied, "Something going on with him messing with my daughter."

"I think he wasn't a gentleman. I mean, he shouldn't even want to be around children that age," she added, saying Brown was taking the then-13-year-old girl "to stores, giving her money, asking, Can he be her godfather? -- stuff like that."

Battle's daughter is now 17.

Brown, who was hired and then fired last month by D.C. Mayor Vince Gray's administration, has said he has no recollection of the incident, and said he wasn't in D.C. at the time.

"That never happened. I never was served with any papers, there's no judge on there, there's not courtroom, no court stamp, they haven't produced any witnesses," he said.

The stay-away order was never served because officials could not locate Brown. No charges were ever filed.

But Battle doesn't believe Brown's version. "He should remember because he got fired from the property around here" after she complained.

Workers at the apartment complex couldn't recall whether Brown worked there at the time of the incident, saying turnover among guards was high. It was unclear what company handled security at the apartment complex at the time of the alleged incident.

Brown has accused Gray's campaign staff of paying him cash and promising him a job for attacking then-Mayor Adrian Fenty during debates. Gray has denied the allegations and called for a full investigation.

The U.S. Attorneys office for D.C. and the FBI are assessing the allegations.

Gray also retained high-profile attorney Robert Bennett, the same attorney who represented former president Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky affair.

"I just want to make sure that we have someone to refer these issues to, someone to talk do during this whole process as well," Gray said.

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