Arlington GOP takes aim at Capital Bikeshare over eight parking spots

The Rosslyn-Ballston corridor, which has parking on streets and in garages on nearly every block, lost eight on-street spaces when four new Capital Bikeshare stations were constructed recently. Now, the Arlington County Republicans decry the decision to remove those eight spaces in the corridor.


(Photo: TBD Staff)

First, the GOP took to its blog, arguing that those parking spaces will mean a loss of $10,000 in revenue each year. They also argued that businesses would be affected by a drop-off in customer visits because those eight parking spots have been taken away.

"[T]he County seems little concerned about revenue loss or inconvenience to the public. The all-Democrat County Board regularly increases taxes, and pursues policies to frustrate motorists," writes "jmillerva" or Jeff Miller, the communications director and webmaster of the Arlington GOP.

“Even if they're used half the time, and we think that's a really low estimate that's at least a thousand dollars a year per parking space,” Miller told NewsChannel8.

“We want to see greater sensitivity to businesses, greater sensitivity to motorists and taxpayers,” he said.

Arlington Transportation Director Dennis Leach counters it's a worthy investment. “Expanding travel options for workers residents and visitors is good for business and pays dividends,” he said.

Miller told The Examiner that the Bikeshare station at 19th and Lynn Streets could be moved a block north to Gateway Park, even though there are at least four parking garages within two blocks of the station.

Paul DeMaio, the Bikeshare consultant for the county, responded that a bike station receives more traffic than two single-occupancy vehicles at a time.

When combined with the District, the capital Bikeshare program is the largest in the nation with 11,000 members.