Dulles Metro controversy turns heated

The on-going controversy surrounding the Dulles Rail project became heated today when members of local labor unions shouted protests at a news conference held by Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf.


Wolf held the news conference outside his Herndon office to ask the Metropolitan Airports Authority (MWAA) Board to reverse it's decision to build an underground metro station at Dulles Airport. Union workers say reversing the decision would compromise a Project Labor Agreement MWAA approved when they voted earlier this month to put the rail station underground.

However, local and state leaders say taxpayers would have to pay the extra $300 million it would cost to put the station underground as opposed to in the north parking garage at Dulles. Congressman Wolf questions the MWAA decision and the fact that the board members are unelected.

"I do think the airport authority is out of control. We're asking them to reverse based on what they're getting."

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors is expected to vote tonight on a letter telling the MWAA board Loudoun will consider pulling their funding of the project. Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously last week on the same issue.

The airports authority board chair Charles Snelling sent a letter out to Fairfax, Loudoun and state officials with an invitation to discuss the decision. Snelling said, "we have worked collaboratively with our partners over the last several years to look at each and every aspect of this rail project to find cost savings".