Frederick County sets behavior, clothing guidelines for prom

When Urbina High School students go to the prom next month, they’ll have to follow a strict set of guidelines. But they aren’t alone.

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Certain sexually-charged behaviors and some clothing will be banned at the Spring dances at all 10 Frederick County High Schools.

The behaviors include sexually aggressive squatting while dancing and making out. The list of banned clothing includes muscle shirts, bare midriffs and tops that show too much cleavage. Also, boys are prohibited from wearing baseball caps.

The president of the county’s school board said guidelines needed to be established for setting appropriate behavior.

“The prom is a formal dance and there's certain expectations how kids should act at those events and other kids get uncomfortable when it gets to be,” said Brad Young, president of the Frederick County School Board. “I don't want to say obscene...but too graphic in how kids are dancing.”

Not all students, however, were happy with the rules.

“We're kids. We're gonna do what we want to do,” said student Evelyn Ashanti. “We're rebels--we'll see what happens.”

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