Freelance journalist from Md. missing in Libya

BALTIMORE (AP) - Relatives and friends say a freelance journalist from Baltimore is missing in Libya.


Matthew VanDyke's mother says she last spoke to him on March 12. She says "there was a lot of noise" during the call and he asked her to call her back the next day.

The 31-year-old VanDyke speaks Arabic and has reported from war zones in the past. His mother, Sharon VanDyke, says he traveled to Libya in February to witness the uprising against leader Moammar Gadhafi and possibly to write a book about it.

The State Department says it's aware of VanDyke's case.

Lauren Fischer, VanDyke's girlfriend, says he had been planning a trip to Brega the same day government forces stormed a rebel stronghold there. The family believes VanDyke may have been taken prisoner.

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