Gansler calls on Pabst Brewing to cease production of Blast by Colt 45

Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler is calling on a prominent brewer to stop producing a product he says is marketed as a "binge-in-a-can."


(Photo: TBD Staff)

On Thursday, Gansler sent a letter to the Texas-based Pabst Brewing Company, asking them to end the production and sale of their "Blast by Colt 45" product.

“At a time when we’re fighting to prevent underage and binge drinking, we call upon Pabst to rethink the dangers posed by Blast," Gansler said in a statement.

Pabst introduced the beverage earlier this month in four different fruit flavors. The 23.5-ounce cans have a alcohol concentration of 12 percent and a single serving contains nearly five servings of alcohol.

Public health authorities say that someone who drinks one can of Blast in an hour has actually engaged in binge drinking.

“I hope our letter asking Pabst to take swift and responsible action will also be heeded by other companies who produce these unsafe ‘supersized’ alcopops," Gansler said.

Hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg has been a spokesman for Blast. Gansler says that his endorsement, coupled with the drink's sweet flavors and bright colors, appeal to minors.

The Attorneys General for 16 states and territories, along with the city attorney of San Francisco, Calif., cosigned the letter.