Government Shutdown 2011: How it would affect Washington area (Video)

A scramble is afoot these days to figure out just how a much-dreaded federal government shutdown would affect the Washington region. Would federal workers receive paychecks? Would contractors be paid?


(Photo: Jay Westcott)

Well, the game of speculation extends to the John A. Wilson Building, where D.C. Mayor Vince Gray and his people are mulling the impact on the District of Columbia. Asked today by Bruce DePuyt of NewsChannel 8's NewsTalk program about the matter, Gray painted a bleak picture.

"Theoretically, everything could shut down in the city," Gray said, adding that emergency services, trash pickup, pothole repair and homeless services could cease to operate.

A shutdown could directly impact vital fire and police services in the District.

"If it's our money that's caught up in this budget battle on the hill, theoretically they would be caught up in it too," Gray said.

Watch the conversation between DePuyt and Gray:

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