sued after woman alleges sexual assault

A California executive who sued the online giant after she claims she was sexually assaulted by a date said she never thought, in her wildest dreams, that she was going out with a criminal.


The executive, Carole Marcum, said the alleged assailant took her home after their second date and raped her. After the alleged attack, she googled his name and discovered the alleged assailant, Alan Wurtzel, had been convicted of sexual battery six times in Los Angeles County.

“I just didn't expect that there would be somebody with a criminal background on the service,” she said.

News reports state that Wurtzel is facing felony charges in Los Angeles. recently announced that it will begin checking customers against the national sex offender registry. But the company warns that it’s not a fool proof plan, saying that it’s critical that the effort doesn’t provide a false sense of security to members.

Lea Hutchins of Alexandria uses as a dating tool. But she said she’s not counting on the web site alone to protect her.

“I don't go out with a guy unless I google him. I always meet them out,” she said. “You always have to have a sense of security with everything you do in your life whether you go online or meet someone at a bar."

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