No Earth Day celebration on the National Mall this year

Earth Day festivities on the National Mall is a significant day in April, and for the past three years, a plethora of activists and musicians come out to urge Americans to go green, but it won’t happen this April, Washington Post reports.


(Photo: Associated Press)

The Earth Day Network, the nonprofit organization behind the celebration won’t host the event because it overlaps with Easter and Passover holidays.

“So many of the congressional members that participate would be gone,” said Earth Day Network President Kathleen Rogers. “We could have done it in May, but we thought it was best to focus on next year.”

And next year, it will involve a themed Earth Day called “The Road to Rio,” which will be a lead in to the international Earth Summit scheduled to happen in Rio de Janiero next June. Rogers said it’s expected to be a global event.

In past years, the event has brought musicians and activists like Sting, the Roots and James Cameron. However, the event is not just centered on music, and the network wants to make sure that a balance is kept.

It is a “First Amendment event,” which means 60 percent of the program involves speeches and 40 percent is entertainment, Rogers said.
“We don’t want to turn Earth Day into a straight music event,” Rogers said.

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