Smithsonian preparing for possible government shutdown

The Smithsonian Institution is preparing for the impact of a possible government shutdown.


(Photo: Associated Press)

If a budget agreement is not reached, all D.C. museums, two in New York City and the National Zoo will be closed. This will mean a major inconvenience to tourists during the busy Spring break season.

"People think of the government workers as Monday through Friday, but for the Smithsonian it's really all about the weekend", say Smithsonian spokesperson Linda St. Thomas.

The last time the Smithsonian was closed due to a budget crisis was in December of 1995.

Republicans and Democrats have until Friday to strike a deal on the budget. If not, paychecks will stop, which could affect the National Mall, tourism, museums, local military, and thousands of stores in the District, Maryland, and Virginia that rely on spending from government employees and tourists.