Witness: Saturday commute had beating at Anacostia station, rowdy teens at L'Enfant Plaza

"She fell over and every guy that was standing out there hit her,” the woman says. “And she was just defenseless. She was just guarding her head. They were punching her and kicking her in the head."


(Photo: Jay Westcott)

Another witness spotted the attack from the parking lot and says she called police and emergency responders to the scene.

“Her shirt was pulled over her head and there were men punching her in the face ... no one was coming to her aid,” the witness says.

The attack is the latest in a string of unsettling Metro incidents. In January, a man was brutally beaten at the L’Enfant Plaza station. That assault was captured on video. Not long after that, another man said he was jumped at the Suitland Metro station.  He lost two teeth when a mob of teenagers beat him as an apparent act of retaliation for attempting to call 911 and report another incident, according to an NBC4 report.

"I'm not going to ride the subway," that victim, Robert Joy, told NBC4. "Not even a Metrobus. I'll be safer in a cab."

The second witness to Saturday’s attack, who also says she no also longer rides Metro, said the District’s transit system was “too unexpected,” and “too chaotic” for her. She described Saturday's scene as “anarchy,” and wondered why authorities weren’t reviewing cameras or proactively posting themselves at stations where trouble has cropped up before.

"I feel like I can get kicked out of Metro for eating french fries,” she says, “but someone could assault me in the Metro and that's OK."

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