Albert Haynesworth's attorney: 'It did not happen'

This story has been updated with details from Tuesday's hearing.

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An attorney for Albert Haynesworth on Tuesday denied allegations of sexual abuse and said the Washington Redskins defensive tackle was ready to fight the charge in court.

"It did not happen," attorney A. Scott Bolden said, following a brief court appearance.

Bolden appeared at a morning arraignment on behalf of Haynesworth, who waived his right to appear. He entered a plea of not guilty for his client and rejected a plea deal on his behalf.

"I think it's been about money and about him being a target, and really him being unfairly treated by everybody," Bolden said. "He's a big target for the government, he's a big target for you, the media, he's a big target for the W Hotel employees."

A trial date was set for July 11. Haynesworth is accused of inappropriately touching a waitress at the W Hotel rooftop lounge in February. He is charged with misdemeanor sexual abuse.

Bolden told the court that his team planned on "putting on a full defense." He said he expected to call about four to five witnesses and expected the trial to take a couple days.

"Albert is upbeat," he later told reporters. "He's in great spirits. He obviously is not in D.C., but I've met with him recently. As I say, he's upbeat, he's ready to fight, he's contributing to his defense. We've got a lot of work to do now, though."

Haynesworth Waive Right to Appear

Original Story: Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning, where he will face allegations of sexual abuse.

Haynesworth is accused of inappropriately touching a waitress at the W Hotel rooftop lounge in February. He's scheduled to be arraigned at 9:30 a.m.

"Disappointing, regretful and a difficult case for the government to prove," his attorney, A. Scott Bolden, said in an email to TBD, when asked for comment on the indictment last month. "My client will continue to fight these charges consistently and as aggressively as possible in court. I remain confident that he will be vindicated in the end."

Bolden has said that his client won't accept an offer of a plea deal, which stands until May 17.

TBD also plans to attend Tuesday's arraignment. We'll update this post after that wraps up. But until we learn more, here's a summary of the case so far.

The allegations

Haynesworth is accused of sliding his debit card down the shirt of a server, identified as a college student in court documents. He allegedly buried the card deeply enough in the victim's bra that another witness could not longer see it, according to court documents.

The victim told authorities that she asked Haynesworth to stop, but he "continued to move his hand over, ultimately moving his fingers in circles around (the victim's) left nipple."

The incident allegedly happened in the early morning hours of Feb. 13, while Haynesworth was attending a birthday gathering at the W Hotel's rooftop lounge.

The charges

Haynesworth is charged with misdemeanor sexual assault. If convicted, he faces a possible 180-day jail sentence and a fine of up to $1,000.

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